Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone
direct from the Double Eagle Mining

Double Eagle Mining is a mining company of the worlds rarest known gemstone, Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone.

We are one of a very small group of full time mining companies of Plush Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone, which is the rarest top gem quality Copper Bearing Gemstone. We offer to the world a great opportunity to buy direct from the miners one of the earths rarest known gemstone.

This rare Copper Bearing Gemstone is only found in south central Oregon, USA and nowhere else in the world. Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone is known through out the gemstone world for it’s rare unique phenomena of Dichroic color shifting, it’s range of color and rare Copper Schiller Crystals.

Plush Oregon Sunstone has been mined and collected since late 1800 by modern man. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy and work with this rare top gem cutting rough and finished cut stones. Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone has been collected for many years and is a very popular gemstone among artisans and collectors alike. With an increase in popularity and demand, don’t miss your opportunity  to buy this rare stone before the prices increase considerably. Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone is one of the rarest known gemstones from the Feldspar family.

We are a mine direct supplier of Plush Oregon Sunstone. Double Eagle Mining operates over 200 acres of Oregon Sunstone producing Feldspar Basalt flows in the Plush Oregon area. We are located in the high desert of south central Oregon, north west from the town of Plush Oregon

If you are interested in larger quantities of Oregon Sunstone for manufacturing jewelry or adding Oregon Sunstone to your gemstone distribution inventory. Please contact us direct.

Rough, Cut Stones, Finished Jewelry, and Custom Cutting

For Info Contact Us at info@doubleeaglemine.com

You will find many great deals and Auction items with many closeup photos. If you are a collector, facet cutter, caver or enjoy lapidary work this is a great place to find our rough, cut stones or finished jewelry. All items are direct from Double Eagle Mining.

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Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone Labradorite Feldspar

Double Eagle #16 has produced some of the rarest  Teal (blue-green) colored Oregon Sunstone. Please check the other pages on this website to see photos for yourself.

Double Eagle Mining Company
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Ph: (541) 417-0158